Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada
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Accreditation Committee

  • Vanina Dal Bello-Haas - Physiotherapy Academic Program Chair
  • Alison Greig - Physiotherapy Faculty member
  • Cassie Prochnau - Public member
  • Vacant - Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
  • Sandy Rennie (Vice-Chair) - Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Marianne Roos - Recent Physiotherapy graduate
  • Karen Sauve (Chair) - National Association for Clinical Education in Physiotherapy
  • Élise Duchesne - Physiotherapy Faculty member
  • Lynn Villeneuve - Association of Accrediting Agencies in Canada
  • Jeff Williams - Public member


The Joint Accreditation Committee

(OTA & PTA education program accreditation)

Chair: Mark Hall


The Governance Committee

Chair: Patricia Lee


The Finance Committee

Chair: Bill Ng


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