Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada
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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should a new education program take to become accredited?
GUIDE-03 Pre-Accreditation Process

What is PEAC's policy regarding programs offering distributed education?
ACC-05 Distributed Education

How does PEAC determine accreditation status?
ACC-01 Accreditation Decisions

Can PEAC's accreditation decision be appealed?
ACC-06 Review and reconsideration of Accreditation decisions

What changes must an education program report to maintain accreditation status?
ACC-04 Substantive Change

What information regarding accreditation must an education program publish?
ACC-02 Disclosure

What is required in a Progress Report
GUIDE-09 Preparation of Progress Reports - in revision

What are the current accreditation fees?
Fee Schedule

All current PEAC Core Documents

     Policies and Procedures:

ACC-01 Accreditation Decisions

ACC-02 Disclosure

ACC-03 Appointment to the Pools of PRT Members

ACC-04 Substantive Change

ACC-05 Distributed Education

ACC-06 Review and Reconsideration of PEAC Accreditation Decisions

ACC-07 Appointment of the Peer Review Team and Chair

COUN-01 Conflict of Interest

COUN-02 Confidentiality

COUN-03 Communication and Consultation

COUN-04 Electronic Storage of Confidential Data

COUN-05 Website Privacy Policy

COUN-06 Language and Document Translation

COUN-07 Document Retention

FIN-01 Travel Expenses

FIN-02 Reserve Accounts

GOV-01 Appointment of Corporation Members

GOV-02 Election of the Board of Directors

GOV-03 Orientation for PEAC Members

      Guidelines - For clarification or additional information:

GUIDE-01 Eligibility for Appointment as Member of PEAC

GUIDE-02 Board of Directors – Roles, Responsibilities, Meeting procedures

GUIDE-03 Pre-accreditation Process

GUIDE-04 Process and Decisions related to Accreditation Reviews

GUIDE-06 Standard Motions for Accreditation Decisions

GUIDE-07 Selection of Students for Interviews during onsite Accreditation Reviews

GUIDE-08 Eligibility to Become a PRT Member

GUIDE-09 Preparation of Progress Reports – in revision

GUIDE-10 Fee Schedule

GUIDE 11 Regulatory PRT Members – Eligibility , Role, Responsibilities

GUIDE-12 Principles in the Accreditation of Distributed Education

GUIDE-13 General Tips for Preparing a Self Study Report

GUIDE-14 PRT Chair – Tips and Responsibilities

       Terms of Reference:

TOR-01 Governance Committee

TOR-03 Review Committee

TOR-04 Translation Verification Committee

TOR-05 Peer Review Teams

TOR-08 Accreditation Committee


FORM-01 Confirmation of Document Disposal – PRT

FORM-02 Expense Form

FORM-03 PEAC Member Application Form

FORM-04 PRT Member Application Form

FORM-05 Report of Substantive Change – contact information

FORM-06 Confidentiality Agreement PEAC members

FORM-06 Confidentiality Agreement PRT members

FORM-07 Conflict of Interest Declaration

FORM-08 Regulatory PRT Member Application Form

FORM-09 Regulatory PRT Member Recommendation Form

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