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Ensuring quality health professional education through accreditation.


PEAC is recognized for excellence in the accreditation of health professional education programs.



Statement of Commitment

PEAC commits to transformative systems change. We commit to building our own competency in using anti-oppressive/anti-racism frames within the systems of PEAC, the accreditation work we do, and our processes and policies.

PEAC is committed to taking an anti-oppression/anti-racism* approach in our work, including its processes and policies. To do this, transformative change at the personal, interpersonal and systemic levels is required. Transformative change is one that recognizes that our society and institutions (including PEAC) are structured by intersecting systems of inequity, in Canada in particular, by colonialism and racism. By committing to transformational change, we are committing to understanding and interrupting these systems of inequity, and to working towards a more just world.

*we used anti-oppression/anti-racism purposefully to foreground the centrality of anti-racist action in all anti-oppression work.

Approved by the PEAC Board of Directors on September 23, 2021

Strategic Framework

PEAC Strategic Framework 2021-2025


2022 in Review

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2021 in Review

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